Getting the Best Smart Sprinkler Controller

The “Internet of Things” has given us home automation by way of talking personal assistants, remote doorbell cameras, wifi bathroom scales, and now your lawn’s sprinkler system.  You may not think much about your old time-dial sprinkler controller, but upgrading to a smart sprinkler controller is easy to do and has plenty of benefits. A … Read more

Gro Sprinkler Controller Review

Gro strives to transform your house’s irrigation system into something spectacular with the help of tech and innovation. Pioneers of Gro will tell you to leave the old school ways of gardening behind and become one with the new age of tech and cloud computing. They have introduced their smart Gro sprinkler controller that works … Read more

Orbit B-Hyve Sprinkler Controller Review

As we’ve entered a new era of tech and innovation, every aspect of our life has changed drastically. From the oven in our kitchen to the lamp on our bedside table, everything is controlled via apps on our mobiles. Cloud connectivity is a whole new world that might stump the generation of the past. Simple … Read more

Rainmachine Sprinkler Controller Review

The 21st century is an age of technology and cloud computing and irrigation controllers are not exempted from such innovations. Companies like Rainmachine specializes in providing their customers with the top tier products equipped with the most recent tech. Rainmachine sprinkler controller is an example of one such product. Its manufacturers have used weather data … Read more

Rainbird Sprinkler Controller Review

Humans have left the traditional ways of irrigation in the past and have accepted the convenience and efficiency offered by new technology. You will find plenty of tech companies providing solutions to improve the irrigation systems. Some of these companies succeed and others don’t. Rain Bird has turned out to be one of those successful … Read more

Rachio Sprinkler Controller Review

Rachio is a technology company that provides tech solutions to your everyday problems. People might not want to consult with a tech company about the water pressure in their showerhead or the temperature of the water in their kitchen, but a tech company is the one who provides solutions to such problems. The water pressure … Read more