TOTO Toilet Review

Many of us are proud of our homes. More often than not, we like to buy pieces that represent us and a little bit of our personality. That is, after all, why we call a house a home after we add our little touch to it.

Which is why Toto makes an excellent choice when it comes to choosing your next bathroom toilet. The Toto company was founded in Japan over 100 years ago and is now one of the worlds most recognized and respected bathroom brands.

In every product they create they use the expert pottery knowledge the Japanese culture has become famous for, and it is reflected in the elegant and regal style of every product they sell.

The Toto UltraMax 2 is a fantastic example of what the company is about and how culture, design, and innovation can combine into one to create products which you would be proud to own, and even more pleased to have in your home.

The first thing we noticed was the elongated bowl design, which looks intriguing. The toilet is a one-piece design, so there is no chance of getting dust build up or leaks between the tank and bowl.

The lines and grooves on the Toto are all smooth, and there aren’t any harsh edges for dust or debris to sit or collect on. It features Toto’s soft close toilet seat, which is great for protecting young children’s fingers, and it is also designed for maximum comfort. The toilet stands at a universal height, which makes it comfortable to sit down and stand up for most people.

Now, it is not often we get to see this, but the Toto toilet range comes in a variety of different colors to match anybody’s taste and style. This particular toilet is available in bone, colonial white, and beige or black. You can also change the color of the trip lever.

One feature that stands out most about this toilet is the dual tornado flush technology. The bowl features two nozzles which eject a powerful stream of water with a centrifugal action. This helps keep your bowl clean from dirt and debris, easily.

The bowl itself is coated in CEFIONTECT which aids in the protection of the porcelain. It stops any dirt or debris from building up which also helps when you flush as the twin action from the tornado flush and the CEFIONTECT layer make sure this porcelain stays clean for longer.

Thanks to the layer of protection and the tornado clean technology, the Toto UltraMax 2 has one of the lowest water wastes per flush rate than most other toilets on the market, including dual flush systems.

It is WaterSense approved and also meets the need for the CalGreen initiative to protect the environment. Thanks to the one-piece design, this toilet isn’t too hard to fit. Although we do believe you may need an adapter for the outlet which will be available in most hardware stores.

Toto offers a few different types of warranties on their products, so it is best to refer to their website to see what is covered. When you do purchase your Toto toilet, always register your warranty card on the website for more efficient customer care.

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