Troy Bilt TB30 Rear Engine Review | Best Riding Lawn Mower

For anyone searching for a land mower that works well for medium to large scale properties, the Troy-Built TB30 is a perfect fit.

The machine has a lightweight and small rear engine. The cutting deck of this machine goes up to 30 inches, which makes it board and easy for mowing. Besides, being less-time consuming the machine also has 5 various cutting heights to choose from.

The easy maneuverability of this land mower attracts consumers to buy it. Troy-Bilt TB30 is produced and designed by a reliable company, so the operator can is guaranteed long term use.

Each element is designed to aim for the most comfortable experience for the operator. For a better understanding of this product, below are some characteristics of Troy-Bilt TB30.


Features Of Troy-Bilt TB30

  • Horsepower: 12 HP
  • Width Of Cut: 30 inches
  • Fueling Capacity: 1.3 gallons


Muscular Engine

Troy-Bilt TB30 is fitted with an ingeniously customed Troy-Built engine that boosts the power capacity of the product. The displacement capacity of this engine is 382 cc. This single-cylinder engine model is also inclusive of auto choke.

 Regularly checking the temperature influences of the engine, among the other, ensured its superiority and strength. 

 In brief, the engine is forged with premium quality steel and innovative craftsmanship. Therefore, the operator can rely on the power of this engine to deliver a fantastic performance.


Modest Maneuverability 

Due to its compact size, the machine can be easily used in irregular or uneven ground and also around dense vegetation such as trees and shrubs. Generally, it can fit in even in trickest places to mow grass to ensure a leveled grass height throughout the yard. 

The product has a turning radius length of 18 inches, which gives ample turning flexibility to the operator. With such easy maneuvering, the user can freely move in and around narrow spaces too. Nonetheless, this is one of the features that make this product ideal for medium and large scale property alike. 


Ride With Ease

Besides the maintenance aspect of land mowing, it is also supposed to be a leisure activity for many. Nonetheless, this experience can only be fun and exciting, with the operator is feeling comfortable throughout the land mowing period.

 Markers of Troy-Bilt TB30 understand this and thus have created a seat that provides comfort to the user. Moreover, the low to high back seat’s objective is to decrease the vibration and increase the convenience. In conclusion, all the characteristics make Troy-Bilt TB30 a sweet ride!


Variety Of Options

In this advanced land mower, the operator can never run out of choices. The operator can choose from the speed of the mower to the cutting height options. 

For the transmission, the appliance has a 6-speed, 7-speed, and an automatic mode. The operator has full freedom of choice and can select the best suitable option. The height of the yard’s grass plays a significant role in contributing to the appearance of the yard.  

To make sure that the operator can choose how to maintain their yard, the machine has 5 different cutting height settings. Nevertheless, any of the options from the 5 delivers precise performance. 


Versatile timings

Some people like to mow their lawn in the early hours of dawn while others wait for the dusk or the nighttime to start this chore. The land mowing timing greatly depends on the operator’s busy schedule, and thus they need a versatile product that can cater to their needs. T

his appliance comes with a strong LED headlight that guarantees full nighttime visibility for operators who work at night. 


Additional Attachments 

Troy-Bilt TB30 is designed in a progressive way, which makes it compatible with additional attachments. The inbuilt features provide great advantages to the operator.  

However, to enhance the productivity of this machine, the operator can attach several other extensions. The operator can, for example, attach a rear bagger or other mulching equipment that can make land mowing much easier for them.


Pros And Cons Of The Troy Built TB30

Every product cannot be idealistic, and they come with their own set of benefits and disadvantages.  This product, too, has specific pros and cons that the buyer must analyze before making the final purchase.

 To give the consumers an idea, here are some well-observed pros and cons of Troy-Bilt TB30.



  • OHV engine with 6-speed and above the transmission.
  • Powerful engine with 382cc engine displacement capacity.
  • Compact or small size, which makes it easy for storage in common residential properties.
  • Numerous height and speed settings.
  • Flexible working inclusive of a fixed turning radius length.



  • Loud
  • The belt can break easily 


Our Final Verdict

With a growing population and family sizes, there is not sufficient space left for storing heavy-duty equipment. On the contrary, Troy-Bilt TB30 is a delightful machine that works flawlessly, and needless to say, it requires a comparably compact storage space. 

Furthermore, the above above-mentioned impressive features add to the reasons why this product is a perfect match for residential users.

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