WEN 4208 Drill Press Review

WEN products have proven to be a powerhouse name in the tool and hardware market.  The WEN 4208 table top drill press is no exception to the brand’s reputation.  Lightweight, small sized, five speeds, and a 1/2” chuck make this small tool a force to be reckoned with.


Key Features:


How many times have you grabbed your drill (or worse, packed your drill up for transport to a job site) only to forget where you left the chuck key?  Rubber leashes break or get in the way and get tangled up in the power cord.  This WEN 4208 bench drill press solves that small but irritating concern with an on-board chuck key storage latch.  Such a small and simple addition, and one you’d think was hardly worth mentioning, but when you always know where your spring-loaded safety chuck key is, you’ll be glad for this small improvement.


The WEN brand has been making a name for itself among the home improvement and small job crowd.  Solid reliability, excellent customer service, two year warranty, and relatively lower cost products give you a deal by purchasing an up and coming brand at an “off-brand” price.  The WEN 4208 drill press is considerably lower priced than other comparable drill presses.




Portability is likely a key feature you may be looking for in a bench-top drill press.  The WEN 4208 weighs in at 31 pounds making this small unit a truly portable tool.  Whether you’re transporting it from home to workshop, or simply clearing out premium space on the workbench, this lightweight drill press won’t make you struggle in moving it around.


The locking linear depth stop is easy to use and clearly marked.  All reliable drill presses have drill depth stops, but they often appear to be slapped on as an afterthought.  This critical feature on any drill press can be difficult to adjust or challenging to read due to unclear markings or impractical placement.  This tool offers the depth guide right up front, clearly marked in both inches and millimeters.





Table height adjustment is a standard and critical feature required by all users.  This model does have an adjustable height and tilt table, but it is not on a rack and pinion crank which is fairly standard for this class of tool.  The adjustment is still easily made, but the free and open collar design requires two hands to adjust.


The 2.3A motor is a little underpowered for heavier duty projects.  While this class of bench-top drill press is not intended for heavy industrial machining, a common point in user reviews mention that the torque from this unit is underwhelming.  It functions well enough for small projects but not on a larger scale.


Our Verdict:


For those of you looking for a solid bench-top drill press that will serve you reliably for those small home hobby jobs or moderate DIY moments, this is a great tool.  Especially if you have a regular project that requires rare or little to no adjustment of height as that is this product’s glaring flaw.  The height adjustment is not a deal breaker but should be considered when making your decision.

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