WEN 61720 Nail Gun Review

Hefty and firm in the hand, the WEN 61720 comes with an ergonomic rubber grip handle to make the nail gun feel as comfortable as possible.  Completely adjustable air exhaust and wheel-turn nail depth adjustment keep this tool safe and easy to use as you complete your trim and molding projects.

Key Features:

The clear view 100 nail capacity window is brightly marked with the amount of nails you have left in the magazine.  Easy to read and marked “Load” when fewer than ten brads remain, this viewing window has no obstruction and clearly reminds you how long you have before reloading the magazine.

WEN knows you’re eager to get to work.  Already equipped with the standard 1/4” NPT air inlet installed and shipped with a protective case and a bottle of air-tool oil, this pneumatic brad nailer comes with everything you need to get to work right away.


For the price, the WEN 61720 is a powerhouse tool for nearly half the cost of other comparable brands.  Brand recognition goes a long way among workmen and the emerging prominence of the WEN company is a welcome diversion of paying for the nameplate.  WEN has proven itself in many hardware markets and is revealed to be a reliable and reputable company.  When their product is half the price of older name brands, it’s time for you to discover WEN products.

Nail guns jam up.  No matter which brad nailer you purchase, it will happen from time to time.  The down time of clearing a jam is critical whether you are up against a work deadline or simply working at your own pace in your garage, wasted time is never a welcome distraction.  The WEN 61720 has a quick release lever for immediate jam clearing allowing you to get back on target with minimal downtime.


Weighing in at 5.2 lbs, this tool is more than twice as heavy as many of the competing brands sitting on the same shelf.  On paper, looking at the difference between 2.5 lbs and 5 lbs may not seem like much, but out on the construction jobsite, wielding this tool all day long, overhead, while on ladders, back and forth… a 5.2 lb brad nailer is heavy.

Reviews tell us that this nail gun jams up more than some of the user’s previous trusted nail guns.  This may be a partial response to brand loyalty bias and not as widely spread a problem as one might read, but a jam is a jam and productivity can be measured against downtime.  WEN’s quick release makes short work of the occasional jam and if the tool jammed on everyone, we would expect to see the complaint more than we do, but it is a note worth considering.

Our Verdict:

WEN 61720 proves to be a fantastic brad nailer coming in a little heavy in weight but light in cost.  Reports of frequent jams are a concern but the WEN 1 year warranty and reliable customer service can be relied upon if you end up with a problem.  Most reviews report a clean-working tool that jams no more than any other model or brand.

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