WEN Generator Review 56180: A Solid Generator Option

There are plenty of people who need a good generator. The good news is that there are plenty of options to choose from. Sadly, the sheer number of possibilities is going to make your decision a whole lot tougher. You need to know exactly what you need from the get go. Then, you’ll need to find out which generator is going to satisfy your needs the most. Remember that there are three main types of generators. They include portable, inverter, and standby.

If you’re looking for a good smaller, portable generator, you should definitely spend some time learning about the WEN Generator 56180. This generator will be great for most situations. It will be explored in greater depth below. 


Brief Overview of the WEN Generator

It is time to learn a little more about the Wen Generator. When compared to the competition, this generator is pretty lightweight and compact. It is really one of the best portable generators. After all, it is easy to move around. Whether you’re going camping or you need power at your worksite, this generator will definitely do the trick.

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Features of the WEN Generator

Despite its small size, it is surprisingly powerful. It can provide power to many appliances and tools. It can deliver 1,500 watts of consistent power. It also offers 1,800 watts of surge. If you can power everything with 1,500 watts of power, this generator will be a good investment for you.

Fuel And Run Time

There are plenty of things to think about when attempting to buy a generator. Besides the power output, you also need to consider the fuel tank. After all, a small fuel tank generally means that the generator is going to run for a short period before it needs to be refilled. Well, the Wen is equipped with a 1.1 gallon tank.

When you run it on half capacity, you’re going to receive roughly 7 and a half hours of use on a full tank. That is pretty good honestly. If you unplug something, you’ll get an even longer run time. However, adding more appliances means the tank will run empty a lot quicker.


This is really one of the easiest to use generator out there. After all, the control panel is very simple and straightforward. When you look at it, you’re going to find an on and off switch. This will give you the ability to get things up and running quickly. Still, you’ll need to pull the string to get it started.

After that, you’ll have two outlets to work with. These are standard outlets so you’ll be able to use this generator without needing an adapter at all. You’ll also have a cigarette lighter port or a 12-volt DC outlet. With these outlets, you can guarantee that you’re going to have enough to take care of the issue.


As mentioned above, this unit is capable of providing you with 1,500 watts of power. That is pretty good considering how small and lightweight the unit really is. With this amount of power, you’re not going to have any trouble running a microwave, television, computer, refrigerator, or even a sump pump.

With that being said, this generator can be utilized in many situations. You can use it for your next camping trip, worksites without electricity, or just as backup power. Everyone needs a generator and this one will be the solution that many people are looking for.

Low Oil Shutdown

Your generator is going to malfunction and tear up if the oil is low. This can be very dangerous to you and the generator. With that being said, you need to make sure that you go above and beyond to protect your investment. Well, the WEN is equipped with a low-oil shutdown feature. This is very beneficial. When the oil gets low, the unit is going to automatically shut down on its own. This means that the unit is not going to be damaged.

Suitable For Camping

Remember that not all generators can be used in national forests and national parks. There are only certain times that are suitable for this purpose. If you’re going to be using your generator while camping, you need to make sure that it will be acceptable. This is where the WEN 56180 knocks it out of the park.

The manufacturer knew about these regulations. This is why they equipped the generator with a spark arrestor. Thanks to this feature, you can use this generator in national parks and forests without any problems whatsoever. And, you can rest assured knowing that it’ll be able to power the appliances in your camper.


Finally, you should realize that many generators are too heavy. You’re going to need some help lugging them around. That is inconvenient. It is often best to choose a generator that is lightweight. Well, the WEN 56180 is just that. Unlike the alternatives, this generator weighs just 50 pounds.

It measures in at 19.9 by 15.9 by 17.1 inches. This combination ensures that you’re going to be able to move the generator around without too many problems. You shouldn’t need help from a friend either.


Advantages and Disadvantages of the WEN Generator

Pros of the WEN Generator

  • This generator delivers 1,500 watts of constant power.
  • It weighs just 50 pounds.
  • The unit can be utilized in national parks and forests.
  • It offers 7.5 hours of run time on a half load.
  • Control panel features two 120V outlets and a 12V outlet.

Cons of the WEN Generator

  • This generator is a little louder than some of the others.
  • The machine may bog down under big loads.

Alternatives to the WEN Generator

Overall Assessment

The WEN 56180 Generator is pretty impressive in most categories. After all, it is easy to use and getting it started won’t be too difficult. Plus, it isn’t too expensive either. Nevertheless, it does have some minor flaws. For instance, it is slightly louder than the others. It may also bog down when placed under heavy loads.

Still, this generator is worth the investment. Whether you’re going camping or you just want backup power in the event of an emergency, you really cannot go wrong with this one.


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