Westinghouse Portable Generator Review: The Intense WGen 7500

Whether you are trying to keep your family safe during a blackout or you are just trying to prevent a freezer full of rotten food, a generator could be the very solution that you are looking for. These handy machines can set your mind at ease knowing that you will never be without power. However, generators are not only good for homeowners. The right models can even be utilized on job sites as well as camping trips.

Below, you are going to learn about the Westinghouse Portable Generator and everything that it has to offer. You will learn about everything from the power capacity to the generator’s best features. This guide will even go as far as to point out things that could be improved within the generator, but before you get right down to business it is important to make sure that you are choosing the exact generator for your needs.

How Do You Choose The Right Generator

Just about anyone that has ever shopped for a generator has run into a number of problems. This is because they don’t do their research beforehand. When shopping for generators, you will discover that you will have to take into account the kind of power capacity that you need, where the generator will be located, and the total number of items that you will be powering.

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Just blindly running out there and making a decision based on price could potentially put you in a worse place than where you started. Not to even mention that you might be putting your home, family, or cabin at risk if you are not using the generator based on its electrical requirements.

There is nothing wrong with looking for a bargain, but you always have to remember that old adage, you always get what you pay for. Most consumers that shop at bottom barrel prices always find that they feel let down when they discover their products don’t live up to their ideal standards. This is especially true when it comes to whole-home generators. You need to be able to rely on these devices during emergency situations.


A Look At The Westinghouse Portable Generator

You learned above that this article was going to talk about the Westinghouse portable generator WGen7500. The WGen7500 is just one of the many impressive models offered by the Westinghouse Company. The WGen7500 would be considered right on the bottom end of the high-range models.

However, one must take into account that the Westinghouse brand has been creating generators for over a hundred years and the WGen7500 was specifically designed for convenience. The 27.3” x 26.2” x 26.2” design makes the generator extremely portable, but one should not be fooled by the small stature of this machine.

It is more than capable of packing a punch. Unfortunately, that power does come with a heavier chassis. Weighing in at 192 pounds the WGen7500 Generator weighs more than most portable generators, but it is still right in the range where it can be moved fairly safely and conveniently. Plus, it has its own set of built-in wheels!

What The Westinghouse Portable Generator Brings To The Table

One one of the first things that must be mentioned about the WGen7500 is its remote start. This generator comes equipped with a wireless engine start system that will allow you to start the generator with the press of a button, just like locking your car with your key fob. With a distance of 109 yards, you will never have to worry about fumbling around will levers and pull strings in the middle of a major storm.

One glance at the WGen7500 and you can easily see that it was built with durability in mind. Just look at the durable steel frame with built-in roll bars located on top. And, this is not to even mention the solid cast iron sleeve that protects the unit as well as the tank. Speaking of the tank, the handy and easy to read fuel gauge will ensure that you never run out of fuel.

The low oil shutdown switch and spark protector are two safety devices that cannot be overlooked. The low oil shut down ensures that the engine automatically shuts down in the event that the oil level gets too low. The spark protector will protect your spark plug from extreme amounts of heat produced by the motor ensuring that you get a good, clean start every time.


What Can The WGen7500 Power?

The WGen7500 might be around the same size as other portable generators, but it can power 7500 running watts and 9500 peak watts. This handy machine is capable of powering any household appliance.

The WGen7500 also includes a number of sockets so you’ll never have a problem making sure that all your devices can connect. The WGen7500 includes a 5-20R 120V household duplex receptacle and onel14-30R 120/240V twist-lock receptacle. Along with this, all outlets feature a rubber safety cover.

With just one full tank of fuel, you can get right around 16 to 18 hours of operation out of the WGen7500.

The Good And Bad Of The WGen7500

Unfortunately, the WGen7500 is not impervious to flaws. There is no denying that the WGen7500 brings a lot to the table, but if you want to truly know that it is the generator for you then you are going to need to completely understand its flaws as well.

Pros of the Westinghouse Portable Generator

  • Built-in control panel simplifies operation
  • Take advantage of a mid-range price tag
  • Remotely start the generator from 109 yards out
  • Tons of safety features keep the device protected
  • Built with durability in mind

Cons of the Westinghouse Portable Generator

  • Heavier than most portable generators, but does include wheels
  • The generator produces 64 decibels at maximum operation, which is going to be rather loud

Alternatives to the Westinghouse Portable Generator

Review Wrap-Up

The WGen7500 is without a doubt a powerful generator for its size, but that does not mean that it was specifically meant for you. This article was designed to provide you with information that should be considered when making your next generator purchase.

However, it is hard to deny that the WGen7500 doesn’t bring reliability and power to the table as well as a plethora of other features.


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