8 Best Wet Dry Vac Uses

Wet-dry vacuum cleaners allow you to have the best of both worlds, having the capability to take care of dry dirt and spilled liquids. The wet dry vacuum doesn’t utilize a traditional vacuum bag but instead a system of chambers that separate the liquids from the solids. Certain models may also have a chamber that mixes the two.

Finding The Best Wet Dry Vac Uses

The typical set up of a wet-dry vacuum cleaner consists of a large structural bucket that houses the motor, electrical system, and the chambers. On the exterior is the hood with a flexible hose, a set of wheels at the foundation to provide mobility, and any additional attachments. Wet-dry vacuums are lightweight, extremely portable, and typically have a long power cord. A wet-dry vacuum is perfect for tackling any job you may have for it. The 8 best uses for a wet-dry vacuum cleaner are listed below:

1 – DIY Projects

A wet-dry vacuum is the perfect addition to your garage. They are especially useful when you break the power tools out and need to clean up the mess after you finish the project. Every handyperson knows that sawdust can be a pain to have to clean up. This is where the wet-dry vacuum comes in because it will easily take care of the sticky dust.

2 – Wet and Dry Spills

No matter what kind of spill you make, your wet-dry vacuum can handle the mess. The wet-dry vacuum can take care of anything from spilled potting soil to a cup of spilled orange juice on the kitchen floor.

2 – Clogged Sinks

There is nothing more aggravating to deal with than a clogged sink. You can’t really see it coming and once it happens, you can’t wait to get it unclogged. Unfortunately sometimes that is more easily said than done. A wet-dry vacuum can help by shifting the power supply from suction to blower. If you don’t have a drain snake next time just grab your wet-dry vacuum and give it a try. Chances are that you have never heard of using a wet-dry vacuum to unclog a pipe but it definitely works.

3 – Flooding

As unpredictable as a flooded basement can be, you can be prepared to take care of the large amount of water that is inevitably going to build up. You can do this by having a capable wet-dry vacuum around the house to use during these unfortunate times. The wet-dry vacuum will have a drainage system that allows for easy emptying as you suck up the liquid spills. The wet-dry vacuum will act as a pump to collect the water and dump it in a proper drainage field.

4 – Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a taxing task but can be made easier with a wet-dry vacuum. After you apply the carpet detergent, the vacuum can help remove the filth and stains. The vacuum provides a deep clean and can allow you to skip the high priced professional services by completing the task yourself.

5 – Inflate Water Toys

Headed to the nearest spring-fed river or local pool this summer? If you have inflatable water toys your wet-dry vacuum can help make the inflating job easier. It can be tiresome to try and manually inflate the kid’s pool toys so why not speed the process up with this versatile machine? That way you save some time inflating the toys and spend more time playing with the kids.

6 – Fireplace Maintenance

Fireplaces are beloved by many during the cold winter months, but cleaning and maintaining them can be quite a messy task. Some people resort to sweeping and dusting out the ashes but doing so will risk making an even bigger mess. Your wet-dry vacuum can make it easier to remove the ashes and dispose of them as well.

7 – Remove Snowy Messes

Another pain during the winter months is the dirty-snowy mess we create when trekking through the snow. One way to clean it up is utilize your wet-dry vacuum to suck up the leftovers from your floors, stairs, and porches. Snow is super pretty to look out when it has freshly fallen but can become an eye-sore when it gets dirtied. Skip the salt, shovels and squeegees, and trade them for your wet-dry vacuum instead.

8 – Clean the Grill

After laboring over the grill for hours the last thing you want to do is clean the charcoal up. Barbecue can be worth the hard work but the bulked up mess can be difficult to remove. A wet-dry vacuum can clean out the ash and debris from the grill and pit. That way, the next time you want to grill out for the family you will have a clean grill and fire pit to start the day off right.

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