WoodBridge Toilet Review

When it comes to choosing a throne to relief oneself on there are many brilliant contenders in the market, one who stands out for all the right reasons though is Woodbridge. Woodbridge isn’t new to the market, and they have been designing and producing high-end and affordable kitchen and bathroom supplies for over 13 years.

The beautiful thing about purchasing from Woodbridge is that they not only design their products but also manufacture, which means significant savings for you, excellent warranties, and great products.

The Woodbridge T-0001 is a fantastic example of how any ultra-modern, sleek toilet should look and work. The lines and natural curve of the toilet make this a unique addition to any bathroom.

It has a luxurious design and features a soft closing seat with a stainless steel hinge, which is a great touch for this toilet. It has been designed for comfort height, which makes it easier for you to get up and sit down, a similar height to a standard chair.

What makes the Woodbridge T-0001 stand out is the skirted trap away. Thanks to this and the no corners design it is easy to keep clean, and you will have no issues with wiping down the toilet or with dust collecting on any grooves at the bottom.

It includes a convenient glazed bowl and siphon flushing system, which is extremely quiet and very powerful. The flush button is a very different rectangular shape and has a dual flush design so you won’t be wasting any water, unnecessarily.

In addition to the super quite flushing system, the Siphon system also means no clogs or leaks. Which is a firm promise to make but one Woodbridge is delivering on.

The Woodbridge T-0001 is WaterSense approved, and it meets the EPA guidelines for flushing by staying under the water waste limits. It is UPC and CSA certified which means you can rest assured knowing that this toilet meets and exceeds the requirements set by the US law and by the ‘Uniform Plumbing Code’

Thanks to its simple, yet elegant design, this toilet comes ready to install out of the box and requires minimal tools. The toilet is already fitted with the soft close toilet seat and comes with a superior quality wax ring and floor bolts.

All of which makes it a bit more simple if you want to install it yourself. The instructions are included with it, and it also comes with a great little hand wrench that you will need for tightening the bolts and connectors.

The last great thing about the Woodbridge T-0001 is the warranty they provide. Thanks to them being a manufacturer, they have no problem resolving most issues, they offer a five-year guarantee on all porcelain parts from fading, or stains.

The specially designed Siphon flush system also comes with a one-year warranty, as does the soft close toilet seat.

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