Workshop Wet Dry Vac Review

16 gallons of stainless steel wet/dry capacity topped off with a 6.5 HP motor makes the Workshop WS1600SS a great wet/dry vacuum for any need large and small.  A 20’ power cord and seven foot 2 1/2” diameter hose gives this enormous vacuum a long reach to match its power.


Key Features:


No worries about taking this monster wet/dry vacuum outdoors, the large rear wheels and easy grip handle make maneuvering the Workshop WS1600SS easy and safe from tip-overs.  Weighing empty at nearly 38 pounds, this heavy duty vacuum is a breeze to move with a simple tilt and push.  Whether you’re rolling over gravel to get to the car in the driveway or rolling through the lawn to blow out the gutters, this large 16 gallon canister vacuum is easy to keep upright.


Vacuum accessories always seem to go missing when you need them the most.  Small vacuums have no place to put them so you keep them in a box that gets stored away, and mid size vacuums have “on-board” storage which is a nice touch but the accessories are often in the way or rattle loose.  The Workshop WS1600SS handle is fitted with a pouch that carries all the nozzles and accessories, including two sleeves for the hose extension wands keeping everything handy and out of the way.




The seven foot, 2 1/2” diameter hose is a solid enough hose, but what really makes this vacuum easy to use is how the hose attaches to the canister and attachments.  The hose simply inserts into the port and the thumb clip latches it in place.  This makes it exceedingly simple to remove when you get clogs or jams.  No more threading and screwing hoses into the vacuum.


The powerful 6.5 HP motor gives you an impressive dry airflow rate of 107 CFM and in wet mode this vacuum will suck up one gallon per second.  Turn over a gallon milk jug, it takes more than a second to glug its way out all over your floor.  You can literally vacuum up this mess faster than you can make it.





All vacuums and spinning electrical parts generate a certain amount of static electricity.  Unfortunately, a common complaint about this model wet/dry vacuum is that is creates an uncomfortable static discharge on a regular basis.  The stainless steel canister, plastic motor housing, and plastic hose can all add up to a bit of a dry shock from time to time.


The Workshop WS1600SS is toward the top end of what you expect to pay for a large wet/dry vacuum like this.  Not exorbitant, but pricey.  And for that price, you do get a powerful motor and a 16 gallon canister, but it is a bit flimsy for the cost.  The 24 gauge stainless steel tank is solid and capable, but it is thin enough to be warped or bent if pressed upon.  At the top end of the pricing scale, users expect a sturdier machine.


Our Verdict:


There are smaller wet/dry vacuums available for less cost but if you are looking for that added capacity tank, there are few better options than the Workshop WS1600SS.  Easy to use and even easier to empty and store away, this vacuum is your workhorse that keeps everything clean.

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