Yale Smart Lock Review

One thing stands out more than ever when we discuss locks, and that is the protection of your family and home.

I am sure that you would do whatever it took to protect your family and when it comes to protecting your family and home only the best in security and protection will do. In the home protection and security industry, there is some stand out names who have gone above and beyond to innovate, produce, and maintain home security equipment for many years.

One of those companies is Yale. Yale is one of the most recognized names in the home security industry and for a good reason. They have been producing equipment since 1840, and when it comes to locks and hardware, you will struggle to find someone better.

Now, we are talking locks. Not just any old rusty lock though, we are talking electronic locks. The kind that makes life easier for you, and more difficult for criminals. Introducing the Yale Assure Connected by August.

The first thing you will notice is that there is no keyhole; a little different, but let us explain. This is a 100% electronically operated lock. There is no worrying about lost or stolen keys because all you need is your four- or eight-digit app and you’re in.

The Yale Assure is a great looking electronic look. It is currently available in three different colors Satin Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze and Polished Brass. The keypad is a glass front touch screen which displays digits. It is incredibly lightweight, slim, compact, and very 2019.

The lock weighs in at a very respectable 2.5lbs of pure protection. At the back end, you will find this is a reliable and sturdy BHMA Grade 2 deadbolt operated with the gentle whirr of an electronic motor. 4AA batteries power this, and it also takes a 9V battery which can be used as a back-up.

The operation of this lock is effortless, but the features are fantastic. Now, to gain access to your home, you enter your code. However, you can also connect the Yale Assure to Alexa, Google home, ZigBee Amazon Key, Z-Wave, Wink, Alarm.com, and more.

When you connect to one of these apps or accessories, it gives you the option of giving home access to someone remotely. The optional Yale smart module integrates with them to allow you to create up to 250 entry codes for people who may need access to your home, like cleaners or the neighbors when you’re away.

The best part is, you will always know who was the last person to enter or lock your door, thanks to the code. This lock will operate in temperatures from -22F to 140F, which makes it perfect year-round.

It is waterproof, and when it comes to being fitted, there is a rubber seal which sits against your door. The installation for this lock, believe it or not, is actually quite simple and it will replace a regular deadbolt rather quickly on a standard size door with little more than a screwdriver.

Yale provides a life-time warranty on mechanical parts and furnishing.

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